Reasons You Need a Will

Have you drafted a will? It is important to have a will in place. Not only does the will provide protection to your family and assets, it ensures that your final wishes are carried out in a manner you see fit when you’ve passed from this life. Don’t assume that you don’t need a will because your assets are minimal or that you are too young. The fact is, drafting a will beaverton or is important for everyone.

1- Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is yours when you have a will written and in place. You know without a question your wishes will be carried out the way that you want them to because it is in black and white.

2- You Make the Call

When there is a will in place, you are the only person who decides where your estate is distributed. The will is a legally-binding document and is upheld in any court of law in the United States.

3- Guardianship of Children

When there’s a will constructed, you decide who takes care of any minor children left behind if you should pass away. If you don’t mind your estate being distributed by the state, you certainly want to know your kids are in the best care with those whom you choose.

4- Eliminate Probate

Probate is a hassle and a headache. The lengthy process can take its toll on anyone. And while every state must go through probate whether or not there is a will in place, it eliminates the headache and the time.

drafting a will beaverton or

5- Minimize Taxes

Estate taxes are minimized considerably when you create a living will and trust. This means there is more money to distribute to family and the people that you love the most.